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Open access to high-quality popular data sources of general interest through our Rich Data Services API and web applications to support research and decision making.

Data Access

Powered by our Rich Data Services platform, our Public Data Center provides open access to popular datasets to showcase the benefits of leveraging modern technologies and data management best practices to deliver data to both users and information systems. Our initial collection currently includes the U.S. General Social Survey, select public use files from Statistics Canada and the National Science Foundation, and statistics surrounding the U.S 2020 Elections. Use the quick links below, or keep reading to learn about the tools, API, RDS platform, and our company. You may also want to visit our COVID-19 Data Center for the latest pandemic-related data.

Data Sources

ANESFiveThirtyEightGSSNSFODESIStats Canada
RDS Explorer

Explore the Data

Use the RDS Explorer to browse the data, consult the codebook, create custom extracts by filtering records and selecting variables, or produce personalized open data packages for download.

The tool can also be used by developers and data scientists to generate API calls or source code for instantly reading the data into analytical tools, creating visualizations, and for other purposes.


Aggregate the Data

Use the RDS Tabulation Engine to aggregate data across various dimensions to rapidly create analytical tables. Start from scratch, or select from the following examples:

Donald Trump approval of job as president by race
Trumps chance of winning North Carolina by date
Comparison of 2016 voters and who they will vote for in 2020
RDS Tabulation Engine

The tool can also be used by developers and data scientists to generate API calls or source code for instantly reading the data into analytical tools, creating visualizations, and for other purposes.


Use RDS Web Services / API

RDS was designed for data scientists and developers. Making data and metadata available as a service is essential for enabling access by applications and is a fundamental benefit of our platform. To get started, consult our Public Data Center Postman Documentation or the RDS API technical specifications. And you can leverage our open source GitHub hosted libraries for JavaScript, Python, and R, to rapidly integrate data and metadata in web portals, create storytelling visualizations, machine learning, linking, or any other analytical purposes.

For technical assistance, visit our RDS Helpdesk, join our RDS Slack workspace, or contact us directly.

About Project

Our Rich Data Services platform is the result of years of R&D effort, extensive experience working with data, involvement in global metadata standards, and collaboration with statistical agencies and leading organizations worldwide. We deeply believe that making data available as a service (API) is fundamental to meeting the needs of developers and next generation of data scientists, as well as delivering flexible self-service tools to traditional researchers or casual users. Metadata is further essential to ensure the data can be understood by both users and applications, as is data quality, which in the end is key to ensuring the overall usefulness of the solution. Through this Public Data Center, we hope to not only help demonstrate the benefits of such an approach, but also make highly sought-after data available for analysis. We thrive through collaboration and welcome opportunities to share our passion and expertise to solve your data dissemination or analysis challenges.

How To Help

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This initiative is primarily supported through internal resources, which can be challenging for a small company. We welcome any kind of support you may be able to provide to help us focus on free public data services. This includes financial support, in-kind contributions, and domain expertise. At this time, we are particularly looking for:

  • Direct sponsorship or donations
  • Funding opportunities, and assistance preparing or submitting proposals
  • Amazon Web Services credits to operate the infrastructure (or engineering support)
  • Suggestions or feedback on how we can improve the data offering, data quality, or our platform in general
  • Spreading the word about the data center and RDS

About Site

About Rich Data Services

The web applications and services (API) are powered by our Rich Data Services (RDS) platform, empowering both information systems and users by concurrently delivering data and metadata as a service in formats engineered for immediate use. As a developer or data scientist, you can directly query the data through the RDS API and open source libraries to build your own solution or for analytical purposes. Casual users and traditional researchers can leverage our browser-based application to explore, tabulate, or download data for offline analysis.

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About MTNA

Metadata Technology North America (MTNA) delivers modern solutions for the management of data. Our innovative technologies and unique data and metadata expertise enable the rapid delivery of customs solutions to address common data collection, management, and dissemination challenges. Contact us should you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance with your data.

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